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Choosing the right content management system is a overwhelming task for a web designer or developer. There are so many CMS available, all with different features, it can be difficult to decide which is the best solution for a particular web project. For complex websites, a fully featured CMS is probably the best way to go. However, for simple sites, lots of bells and whistles can be overkill and actually be a bit confusing for the person maintaining the website.

CMS is always looking for a new challenge. We specialize in coming up to speed on any new industry in a relatively short amount of time. Web designers are not all the same. CMS Web Solutions has made its reputation creating well-built, professional websites that get results.

Here 5 CMS solutions for small businesses:

  • GL Fusion-It is based on flexible and granular permissions, with spam protection, forums, polls, site-wide search, RSS feeds, and more!
  • Joomla-Joomla has become a cult. It has been around for many years. The latest version of Joomla provides a refined administration panel which makes it a lot easier for new users to operate. It has innumerable extensions.
  • Impress CMS-It is easy to use, secure and flexible. This CMS won the 2008 most promising CMS award and is an ideal tool for a number of users.
  • CMS MadeSimple-This CMS has gained immense popularity. It has a a web-based admin section for theme, template, and stylesheet development, installing and updating add-on modules.
  • Etomite-It allows you to incorporate AJAX functionality through the backend editor without any knowledge of AJAX programming.


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